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lunascopes's Journal

Daily Lunascope
Planet Earth
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LUNASCOPE: An astrological forecast, as of a person's future, based on the phase of the Moon on a given day.
LUNA (from the Roman Goddess of the Moon)
SCOPE (from the Greek SKOPOS meaning "observer")

No one can deny that the Moon has power. We see it every day in the changing tides. Our Moon has been surrounded by legend and lore for thousands of years - how it can influence crop growth, animal fertility, and even drive a person insane. It is even commonly accepted that more crimes are committed and more babies are born during certain Lunar phases.

I formed this community to give others a chance to share in how the Moon can have a positive influence on your creativity, productivity, and life in general once you know how to interpret and accept its powers. The forecasts here are a sort of daily lunar "fortune cookie" that apply to everyone regardless of your astrological sign. I have enjoyed a happy and fruitful life for the past ten years using the Moon and these forecasts as a guide and hope that the posts here will help you enrich your life as well.

I love to hear how Lunascopes helped to enrich your day, solve a problem, or find something great within yourself. Please comment if a forecast was relevant to your life and explain how it effected you.